Women?s Yoga Clothing

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Women?s Yoga Clothing

When browsing the myriad options of women’s clothing marketed to those that practice yoga, the key things to remember are form and function.  Though yoga has many health benefits and can certainly enable a woman to achieve her maximum beauty potential, clothing that is worn during the practice of yoga should be chosen to suit the woman’s physical needs, rather than to enhance her beauty.  Trends come and go in the world of women’s yoga clothing.  The wise yoga attendee, however, will concentrate on the aesthetics of herself.


Yoga clothing – both tops and pants – can be fashioned from a person’s own clothing and does not necessarily need to be purchased specifically for yoga.  Whether new or worn, however, the clothing should not be loose, as extra fabric can inhibit free movement.  Pants and tops should be form-fitting, and tops should not have hoods.  Fabric that breathes and does not become slick when the wearer perspires is desirable.


Women’s Yoga Clothing should be conducive to yoga straps.  Straps are often used in yoga to help facilitate different stretching techniques and poses.  The clothing should not be so slick that the strap will slide off of the shirt or pants.


The best way to perform yoga is barefoot, but if the woman prefers to wear socks, she should choose some with individual toes and/or rubber grips on the bottom to prevent slipping.  Socks should only be worn in sitting or lying positions, never while standing on slick surfaces and performing poses.  Wrist sweat bands are also optional, and preferred by some women to prevent sweaty palms while performing poses.


Whatever style of yoga clothing a woman chooses, she should purchase one outfit initially, in order to experience wearing the clothing for a few yoga sessions.  She can see if the clothing is right for her before investing in more.

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