Women?s shoes

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Women?s shoes
The latest fad amongst females is to have a humungous shoe collection. From comfortable flats to tantalizing stilettos, every woman wants to have them all! Nice shoes are imperative to maintain the grace of the dress. Wrong shoes can completely ruin a gorgeous dress.

Today, shoes are available in all colors. From nude beige and ivory to neon pink and yellow, shoes can be chosen from a tremendously flabbergasting range. If you have developed a shoe-fetish, than quench your desire for footwear by purchasing them in all colors and types. Black and white is wardrobe essentials because they can be carried off with any color attire. Neutral shades in shoes are so much in vogue today with all the celebs wearing them! If you are a zestful person who loves catchy hues, buying shoes in yellow and red is indispensable.

Shoes are of various types- peep toes, pumps, stilettos, sandals, flats, wedges, flip-flops, boots etc. Women are blessed when it comes to choose from a vast range of footwear. Select the one that is comfortable to wear. Choosing the right size is very crucial as a bigger size can cause problems in walking destroying your effervescent gait while a smaller size can cause shoe bite that can ruin the pulchritude of your feet and are extremely painful. From sassy to classy, casual to chic, indulge in your fashion craving with trendy footwear.

Shorter women should buy shoes in nude colors that too without ankle straps. They create an illusion of longer legs by not segregating your legs from your feet. They should also avoid gladiators and shoes with square toes. Try slingback sandals with heels as they fit your feet well providing comfortable support to them. Pumps aggravate your charm as they make your legs appear longer and even shapelier. Peep toes are a stupendous way to flaunt your pretty pedicure.

Shoes are an indication of a person’s personality. Shoes should be complementary with your attire. They should synchronize well with the venue as well. Wearing high stilettos for shopping is as impractical as wearing flip flops in office! Take care of the comfort factor while selecting footwear. Wearing a beautiful pair of heels that are uncomfortable can prove to be apocalyptic. Wrong footwear can result in blitzed plans!

Be as snug as a bug in a rug with ballet flats. They look stylish yet are high on comfort level. Also, they can be worn with almost all kinds of dresses. From flirty frocks to frolicsome skirts, they can spruce up any outfit. Wedges blow the clarion announcing the arrival of summers. You’d be screaming ‘Hallelujah summer’ donning wedges that add glitz and glamour to your appearance. They are versatile and irresistible.

Women’s shoes are an indispensable investment to enhance her personality. We spend extravagantly in buying flamboyant dresses but are stingy in purchasing footwear. Even shedding out a meager income on shoes hurts sometimes. We need to change this attitude as footwear is as important as the dress. An elegant pair of footwear highlights your alluring élan.

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