Women Fitness Training: Get Sculpted Shoulders

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Women Fitness Training: Get Sculpted Shoulders here: www.FlaviliciousFitness.com Go here to get my free Flat Belly Women Fitness Workout & Meal Plan For Fast Weight Loss and more women fitness training workouts for back and shoulders. Plus you’ll learn all my women fitness training secrets and get more women workouts to get sculpted shoulders. ====================== ABOUT FLAVIA DEL MONTE & www.FlaviliciousFitness.com ======================= I have always been connected to fitness in one way or another. As I was growing up, sports were a big part of my life. After attending college for Nursing, I began to have a slightly unhealthy lifestyle for the first time. I began to eat ‘convenient’ food and was socializing over beer and wings. Because I now had a busy full time career, I didn’t make time for sports anymore. I gained 15 pounds of fat, mostly around my mid-section. My husband says I could have been the face for “Flabbylicious Fitness” if I didn’t change my ways. I was 24 and rolley for the first time in my life. It was really depressing. I knew I needed a change. I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer as I was intimidated by weights and all the machines. I lost 12 pounds within the first month of working out. I saw muscle in my arms that I had never seen before. Of course I LOVED IT! The next few years was an on again, off again type of exercise. When I was about to go on vacation, I would workout, drop weight and when I got back from vacation, I wasn’t moti

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