Women Bodybuilding – Tips For Taking Steroids Safely

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Women Bodybuilding – Tips For Taking Steroids Safely

The Mick Hart blog has always said that bodybuilding views should be expressed honestly, without prejudice and straight in-yer-face. SO, we would like to introduce a great friend of the “Bull” to you who WILL no doubt, like us, tell it straight and “like it is!” We give you……. Emma James – A memorable interview for women bodybuilding!!!

“I can’t really remember how it all started. I just started training when I was 13 years old and then found out very quickly that I had the genetics of my Grandmother so all I had to do was look at a weight and I instantly put on muscle.

I was competing in women bodybuilding by the time I was 16 years old and natural and continued until I was 22. I don’t remember getting any comments or problems from anyone, especially being from Northern Ireland where attitudes tend to be somewhat archaic.

At 22 I went into powerlifting and began a really successful career, which resulted in finally winning the WPF World Championships in 2000 at Graz, Austria, and also won best overall female lifter.

Three years prior to this I had started taking steroids. I had taken long and painstaking efforts to research as many products as I could, talk to as many people as I could and read as much literature as I could get my hands on but still the information for women bodybuilders was virtually non existent. I can remember being put on Sustanon 250 by a well meaning person who hadn’t really thought about what it would do to a woman. One voice drop later and few extra hairs on my chin I came to realise that this substance was not for me!! And so the trial and error went on.

I noticed I kept getting called sir on the telephone and called sir from behind!! OK – time to worry. I really had to try and find someone who could help me with the steroid situation and how I should take steroids, as I knew that soon I was going to look facially like a man if I wasn’t careful and if I wanted to keep competing then I had to do something fast. I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice all my femininity and was going to have to work hard at the remaining amount I had left! At the end of the day if you want to be up there – you got to take the consequences.

I found that the Primabolan I had been taking, over an extended period of time and even with carefully spaced cycles was giving me side effects so I even came off that. It was then that a close and trusted friend of mine came up with the idea of trying a fast acting testosterone, something that doesn’t hang around in the system. I tried taking Virormone and found that I had no further side effects and then I also took Testex 250, one shot a week, when I went back into bodybuilding and the side effects have now stopped. I have adopted that strategy now for the last year and I have had no more voice drop, no more facial hair, no more clitoral enlargement (much to the disappointment of one person!) and now feel and look more feminine than I have in years. I’ll list for you what I tried and the side effects:

Deca Durabalon: instant voice drop and facial hair

Winstrol: Chronic water retention, mood swings, exceptionally aggressive (as in ‘I want to kill you now)

Sustanon 250: Chronic water retention, voice drop

Primobolan: After careful usage of about 1 year of cycles I had voice drop and facial hair.

Testex 250: Water retention after 24hrs subsiding within 72 hours – no other side effects. Real hard and full look with it and felt really good.

Virormone: No water retention, no other side effects.

Test Suspension: Oooohh didn’t like this at all! No side effects just huge aggression.

Ganabol: 2ml per week gave me outstanding results with minimal side effects. NB: hard to get the real thing.

The list could go on but these are the main ones I tried.”

We will bring you more of that interview next week, with a look at attitudes to women bodybuilding in the UK, so until then

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