Top 5 Home Gym Fitness Equipment

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Want to build your own home gym? Here are the top 5 pieces of fitness equipment you need to lose weight for good. Check Out Video! Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- Twitter Facebook: iTunes:
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Since the holidays are here, I decided to make another addition of urban exercise equipment so people could get some ideas on how to keep in shape with minimal time and equipment. This edition features a bunch of beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises that you can do on a tree branch. The number of different exercises you can do with a tree branch is huge. Imagine you are standing in front of a relatively horizontal, straight tree branch (2-4 in. in diameter) that is 6-8 ft. off of the ground. Let me take you through my thought process when I am thinking about the exercise potential of this piece of equipment. Exercise equipment is not limited to your local gym or recreation center. It can be found anywhere and at any time. However, to see the equipment that is all around you, you must change the way you view your environment. As a traceur, you already have a head start on gaining this perspective; you see obstacles as opportunities for movement. A natural variation of this perspective is to also see obstacles as exercise equipment. An every day, common rail, bench, tree, or wall can all be turned into an incredibly versatile piece of exercise equipment. Music: “Cipher” by Dan MacLeod ( Stay up to date with my Facebook page! Check out APEX Movement, my Parkour and Freerunning gym! http Check out Movemental, my Parkour and Freerunning apparel company! http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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