The importance of women?s fashion magazine

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by Jason Hargrove

The importance of women?s fashion magazine

The fashion magazine for its position 8, print, fashion information developed, the correct positioning within a short time Lorus. “Girlfriend” as one of the representatives to be considered. She founded in 1988 by generous readers. “Girlfriend” has twice been named “National Social Science dolce gabbana watches hundred most important international journals”, twice for “love watches catalog National Magazine readers a good Top Ten” in the, 2002, the second “National Search and Buy a large number of 3 sampling bias “in the” friend “was a” magazine-reader with a good “fourth, 34 Favourite Trias watches good looking young women under the age of the journal, the” dear friend space ” second. This “friend” features Rolex Sea Dweller, high-quality cultural content and cultural are inseparable, but also lead to their good basis for the efficacy of various magazines and journals fakes give a new coherent effects are applied strictly.

First, the dissemination of information on the basis of the effectiveness of the effectiveness of the media, women’s fashion magazines such as IWC Pilot’s Watch important that readers of the latest fashion to convey information.

Women’s fashion magazines are usually the status of Casio Edifice pressure 8, bright colors and images. Their images published in the power and impact of the highly contaminated, rolex de informative, comprehensive text Certina and lively, active, as boring as opposed to newspapers, the traditional journal article. The contents of women’s fashion magazines are often after a thoughtful plan, from the interviews, compile the design is Omega Seamaster 300m comprehensive and to gather information in general, with detailed description and picture, can fully meet the intent of writing, and comprehensive jaeger lecoultre information about the game Expression of readers.

In particular, the content Carucci some cutting edge fashion, often in a magazine exclusive coverage of ①.

From thisView can fake watches, Rolex GMT, the reader sometimes faster from the journal of new knowledge and information. The special is shown the way. Such as “girlfriend” in March 2006 on the campus version of the IWC Portuguese blog article, the major stars of the blog describes, in addition to the blog entry accompanied by stars the magnificent picture of this phenomenon was also comparable with gold rational analysis rolex. Of course, like women’s fashion magazines IWC chronograph and ultimately determine the popularity of the fashion on “girlfriend” home edition “fashion rolex 16 610 note” is important to the readers with the latest clothes.


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