Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves

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Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves

If you live in colder climate places then you will need to wear gloves, right? And sometimes it is a bit of time wasting if you still have to take the gloves off just to operate the touch screen of your phone. And these Isotoner Smart Touch gloves will help you a whole lot when it comes to these issues.

When it comes to the functionality of Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves, the very first question that people ask is if they work. And the answer to that is a big yes! These Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves actually work very well. It is the small patches that are somewhat embroidered with small arrows in the middle that help you operate your smartphone. So when you slide images on the screen, they surely work every time.  Some people may take two to three touches to tap on their Droid Xs before the phone responds.

But then, it still works so no worries about it.

In terms of overall look, these Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves are known for its luxurious look and feel. Though they were made for more utilility-focused, still it comes close with its other counterparts as far as overall look is concerned. Some would buy the colors to complement the colors of their Iphones. There is this “Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves” that come in black color and it will perfectly go with the same color that is found in IPhones.

The grey and black color combination in Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves is one of the favourites. But yes, the market is hoping that the company would create more versions of these gloves in fun and funky colors.

Now, when it comes to fit, these Isotoner Smart Touch Gloves come in one size fits all which is one of the complaints from users. Some users have short fingers and their fingers will not totally and completely fill out the gloves. Some have thin hands and people with hands like that will have no problem with these gloves – the gloves will surely be snug on them. But what about those people with medium to big hands? It is advisable that those who have medium to big hands should try the gloves first before buying them.

These gloves sell for $ 40 a pair but some stores would sell them with discounts. Macy’s website sells them for $ 26.99. You can try other online shops if you are interested to buy these gloves for you wouldn’t know what other surprises are in store for you.

Overall, these gloves will give customers total satisfaction. They will surely stay true to their promise and despite its little flaws, they are still considered to be “great buys” and people will keep buying them in the future.

Isotoners have been a household name for years now – for decades even. Isotoner has built up its image in terms of quality and performance. It will always be there for you and for those customers who are looking for warmth and comfort (not to mention, functionality) during the coldest time of the year.

CaSandra Poulos has been wearing Isotoners gloves for over 20 years and offers information on many of the current types available at her website, Isotoner Gloves Women.

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