Incontinence Pants For Women

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Incontinence Pants For Women

Though unisex incontinence pants can be affordable and efficient for everyone, many women find that products made specifically for them provide an extra degree of protection, security, and confidence. Here are some you may want to consider:

Stretch briefs with stitched-in absorbent pad – these look and feel very much like ordinary underwear, and for women with light or stress incontinence they can be a good solution. The pad is stitched into the crotch area over a waterproof barrier, placed to maximize protection for women. Most use pads that are made of materials designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Some brands are available in colors and even prints. One of the major advantages of these products is smooth, close fit and lack of bulk, which makes them very discreet and virtually invisible under outer clothing.

Stretch briefs with removable pads - these garments also look and feel very much like ordinary underwear, but they’re designed with a special waterproof pouch or pocket to hold a removable, changeable pad.

Because pads are available in a variety of thicknesses and absorbency levels, these briefs can provide somewhat more flexibility in degree of protection. These briefs are designed to fit very snugly and they minimize bulk, so there is no problem with visibility under ordinary clothing. Because the inner pad can easily be removed and changed, they’re a good choice for longer wear in situations when you have easy access to a restroom.

Disposable briefs - Made of a clothlike nonwoven material with elastic waist and leg openings, these garments have a highly absorbent built-in pad. They are not meant to be reused, and some even feature “tear down” sides that make it possible to remove them without taking off outer garments first. Many find that this feature makes them a good option for travel or other situations when it might be necessary to make a change in a public restroom.

Waterproof pants with removable pads or liners - These provide an additional degree of leak protection. Made of plastic, vinyl, rubber, or of a breathable cotton fabric with a waterproof backing, they are cut very similar to ordinary underwear, with elasticized waist and leg openings. Many of these garments are made with pouches to hold absorbent pads, while others are made to be worn over special liners. While they are distinguishable from ordinary underwear, they are still cut to fit snugly and minimize bulk. For many women, this style is a good choice for extended wear, or for times when access to a restroom may be limited.

Waterproof pants for wear over adult diapers - This combination can provide maximum leak protection and can be successfully used by people with heavy incontinence. These waterproof pants are cut to be ample and roomy, making it possible to wear them comfortably over several layers of diapers and/or pads. These pants may be styled as pull-ons, or may have a front or side opening closed by snaps or velcro.

There is no single right answer to managing incontinence – the key is finding out what works for you in each situation. For more information on the many types of incontinence pants and products available, visit Incontinence Pants – What You Need To Know Before You Buy.

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