Female Fitness Model – Flavia Del Monte Photo Shoot! [Teaser]

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www.FlaviliciousFitness.com is a women’s #1 spot for a flawless figure and to look like a female fitness model without having to step on stage! Here is a teaser video from my photo shoot I just did on Sunday February 26th at Powerhouse Downtown Tampa gym. The photo shoot was planned for my upcoming product, CURVILICIOUS, which will be released in mid May. My husband, Vince Del Monte, is friends with the owners of Powerhouse International and got word they were looking for a female to shoot a cover for the Powerhouse magazine so my lovely husband volunteered me! So this basically fell right into my lap because of great timing! I had no intentions of being on a cover but I’ll take it! During the next video, I’ll share some cool women fitness tips on how I got my body “fitness model” ready so that you can see what goes into one of these things and learn some of my female fitness tips on how I got ready. May I suggest scheduling a photoshoot for yourself? It is so much fun and you will have those pictures for life. What better reason is there for you to get into shape! Create a calendar for yourself or hubby for an anniversary gift, trust me he will go crazy! When is your deadline and what is for? Is it a wedding, trip, birthday? Let me know below and if you found this motivational, hit me back with a LIKE! Thanks so much for watching and if you want to follow my FULL BODY LICIOUS Workout System that teaches you the style of female workouts I do to get in shape, go here www
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