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Choosing the Right Running Shoes – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats. I firmly believe that having the right running shoe is extremely important for your running. I have seen people get injured purely because they were not fitted properly. So the best way to know you have the right running shoe, is to try them. I suggest going to a specialty running store. Many big cities have them, as opposed to going to a, you know, a local sports store that does not focus on running. Go to a specialty running store. Usually the sales people there will know how to analyze your gait and fit you for the proper shoe. You should try on several different kinds and run outside with them. I know most of the time you think you cannot run outside in new shoes, but a specialty running store will let you run outside, and even bring them back after running a few runs with them if they are not perfect. Running shoes come in a few different types. These are actually lightweight shoes. The most common types are: lightweight, neutral, motion control, and stability. Our feet, depending on how we land and how we strike, will determine which of those categories we fall into, and then which one to get. Pronate means you land like this. Over-pronation means you land like this. Supa-nate means you land like this. You want to have someone analyze your gait, to make sure you have the type of shoe that fits the way you land.
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default Choosing the Right Running Shoes   Womens Fitness has posted a new podcast about women’s fitness shoes. Know when to change them and get a new pair and what type of shoe is right for different types of activities. Learn more about this and other Women’s fitness topics at Lifting

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