Can I Fit A Fitness Program For Women Into My Schedule?

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Can I Fit A Fitness Program For Women Into My Schedule?

Today most women have far more hectic schedules than ever and you’re probably one of them. You might know you need to exercise, but can’t seem to find the time for it. In fact, you’d just like to have about an hour a day exclusively for your own use. Get over it. It isn’t going to happen. In fact, the more you dream about it, the busier you’ll seem to become.

There is good news and bad news. You can do something about the exercise part but the “me’ part.” That’s just never going to happen. Multi-tasking and time carving can get you into shape and keep you there with very little extra effort. Of course, it takes a little forethought to create workable exercises, but once you find alternatives to traditional exercise, you’ll find hundreds of ways to do “no exercise” exercises.

Before you begin, you need to identify the various types of training your body requires for good health.

You need stretching or flexibility training, cardiovascular or aerobic training, and strength training. Flexibility training is necessary to prevent injury. The purpose of aerobic or cardio training is to push your endurance while keeping your heart ticking at a healthy pace. Finally, one area often overlooked by many women is strength training. This is weight lifting and spot exercise. Using weights for strength training helps prevent osteoporosis.

First, set up a schedule. Cardio training is something you will want to make an every day event. On the off days, you can work on your strength. As a women, flexibility training should be part of you doily routine. It’s nothing more than stretching and if the cat can do it in the morning, so can you. You could be doing it right now without being aware.

If you’ve ever stretched your arms in the air after a long period of work and felt your muscles stretch, you’ve worked on your flexibility.

Quick Cardio Training:

Burst training is one of the newest and best forms of cardiovascular training. While you can ride a bike for a half hour every day to achieve results, you’ll see it just as quickly in a few minutes every other day with burst training.

The secret to burst training is to do an exercise for 30 to 60 seconds really hard and then to slow it down for the same amount of time. You follow this pattern for four to 10 sets. If you’re cooking supper, run in place at top speed, lifting your knees high for 30 seconds. Then walk at a slow pace for 30 seconds. During the slow-paced time, you can stir the food or the other tasks for supper. If your out of shape then start with doing 4 sets at 30 seconds fast and then 4 at a much slower pace. Work your way up to more seconds and more repetitions but never go beyond one minute at top speed per set, don’t do more than 10 sets and only do this every other day. Your body needs recovery time.

Flexibility Training

While yoga is great for this type of training, attending a class several nights a week might not be possible. Flexibility training doesn’t require a formal class, it simply requires that you stretch and warm up all muscles. If you’re sitting in a private office, stand up occasionally and touch your toes. Before you do any burst training or strength training, stretch all the muscles you’re going to use to warm them up.

Strength Training.

Strength training is all about increasing the stress on various parts of the nobody. Most strength training in gyms requires you use weights. You can improvise at home or on the go. Change a few of the ways you do things. Carry those heavy bags of groceries instead of asking for help. If you have a good strong chair at you work place then put your hands firmly on the arms and then lift yourself up out of the seat. If you want to push it a little farther then stretch your legs straight out in front like gymnast do on the pommel horse.

It’s not that difficult, just get together some ideas and form a schedule to get your body “lookin” good and keep it there. If you can find time to go to yoga or a gym, that’s great, but don’t let lack of time, stop you from exercising. All you need do is add in a little forethought as well as creativity.

Don’t let a fitness progam dictate your life. At the authors web site there are various article on diet and weight loss as well as starting a fitness program for women.

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