Brazilian Butt Lift Workout to Reshape Your Butt With 4 Proven Exercises

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Female fitness model, Flavia Del Monte, reveals her 4 proven butt lifting exercises that blows away any “Brazilian Butt Lift” workout! For more butt workouts and butt exercises to reshape your behind, join Flavia’s free newsletter for all her latest workouts for women: Here is last Friday’s Workout on Hamstrings and Glutes with Ryan Watson. One week out from my photoshoot and still going strong. Make sure to watch to hear about a special opportunity for another magazine cover! Butt and Hamstring Workout Breakdown Exercise 1 Smith Machine Single-leg Deadlift 3 x 15 Exercise 2: Eccentric Hip Extension 3 x 20 Exercise 3: Leg Curl 3x 15 Exercise 4: Lunge Hop 3 x 10 At Home Exercise Variations: Exercise 1: Single-leg Deadlift with Dumbbells Exercise 3: Stability Ball Leg Curl Brazilian Butt Lift Workout to Reshape Your Butt With 4 Proven Exercises – For more info on butt exercises visit my website: Be sure to grab my Flat-Belly Workout & Recipes as a free gift for visiting. ====================== ABOUT FLAVIA DEL MONTE & http ======================= Because I had a busy full time career, I didn’t make time for sports and because I didn’t know anything about being a fitness model. I gained 15 pounds of fat, mostly around my mid-section. My husband says I could have been the face for “Flabbylicious Fitness” if I didn’t change my ways. I was 24 and rolley for the first time in my life and never dreamed of having a fitness
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