Bodybuilding for Women

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by Joint Base Lewis McChord

Bodybuilding for Women

We feel vindicated that our vision of the strong, liberated woman has been accepted by the main stream media, as well as by the sports world and the medical community. Weight training will pay off for you in the long run. The following are just some of the rewards women enjoy by following the bodybuilding lifestyle.


Body Fat Control


Weight control is the main reason most women work out, but aerobics alone isn’t the best approach. By building some muscle, you increase your metabolism so you can eat more without gaining fat.


Increasing Bone Density


Weight training is the best way to make your bones stronger. This is important in your younger years so you can have more bone density as you age, when osteoporosis could otherwise be a major health problem.


Avoiding Terminal Illness


Bodybuilding exercises for your back and shoulders can help prevent bad posture and back and shoulder pain that comes from spending too much time at your computer.




Everyone likes feeling strong. It’s more important as you grow older.


Body Contouring


Weight training tightens sagging triceps and hardens wobbly thighs which are the main problem areas for women.


Healthy Children


Healthy mothers have healthier babies, and the bodybuilding nutrition and exercise lifestyle can help you before, during and after pregnancy.


Stress Management


A tough session focusing on moving lots of weight can ease the day’s tensions and release calming endorphins. Bodybuilding training is the best tension reducer around.


Easy on the Joints


Knees and ankles may not be able to withstand continued aerobics or running programs, but with smart weight training you can work out without jarring your joints.


Buddies Welcome


Bodybuilding is something you can do with the guys, with the girls, or by yourself.


Healthier Lifestyle


The bodybuilding lifestyle of good nutrition, no smoking, minimal alcohol, adequate rest and sleep will make you healthier and stronger and help you avoid diseases associated with bad habits.


Self Realization


You do something that feels good. You develop your physical potential, not letting sexist stereotypes hold you back.

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