Athletic Black Women 2

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Song is “Never Felt This Way Before” by Nature’s Divine released in 1979. There are lots of ways to lose belly fat. Some will argue that you can stop train to get there. It’s not true. However, you can do so much for yourself by jumping rope or using some for of cardio to burn fat and combining it with strength training. Jumping rope burns more calories than walking or even jogging. In just a couple of months, I was able to see a significant improvement around my waist jumping rope. It wasn’t my intention, but one of the benefits of jumping rope. Try not to jump on hard surfaces and practice at least 3-4 times a week. Start with 5 minutes, then work yourself up to 10 minutes. Then work yourself up to 15 minutes. Don’t get frustrated. You will have to start and stop. Learn to appreciate sweat. Raise the intensity of your workout whenever and wherever you can. And most of all, celebrate your victories. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.
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